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PowerApps add a Display Form


In this post, I’ll demonstrate how to add a display form to your PowerApps. Display form or, FormViewer is used to view all/multiple properties of any given item of the source, in a read-only fashion. FormViewer helps us to view data in PowerApps.

Create a display form in PowerApps

Adding and configuring a new form, whether display or edit, is super easy in PowerApps. Here are the steps to do the same.

  • Launch PowerApps studio and add a new blank screen to your app.
    PowerApps Blank Screen
    Blank Screen
  • Once added, you may want to give it a proper name for better understanding. In this case, scrnView.
    PowerApps Rename Screen
    Rename Screen
  • From the top menu control, add Display form.
    PowerApps Display Form Menu
    Display Form Menu
  • In the data pane, select your data source.
    PowerApps Data Source
    Data Source
  • Once a data source has been mapped, all the corresponding meta-data will then be displayed.
    PowerApps Data Source Meta-data
    Data Source Meta-data
  • We can then, design it accordingly. For ex, I added a blue rectangle at the top. It contains 2 buttons at the extreme and 1 center label, text.
    PowerApps Display Form
    Display Form
  • For the sake of testing, let’s set a fixed value to it. I know that in my list, I have an item with id, 1. So, I’ll filter the source on this id.
    First(Filter('Product Table', ID = 1))

    PowerApps FormViewer

Key Takeaways

  • The SharePoint List, used as data source here, is, Product Table.
  • In this post, I have demonstrated how to add a PowerApps FormViewer to an existing app. To add this to a new app, refer this post.
  • As soon as the new screen was added, I decided to rename it. It’s a good practice to assign a friendly name to your controls. As your application will grow, naming convention will help you to easily determine the purpose of each control thereby, facilitating future modifications.
  • In this particular example, I have used a fixed ID to display the information. However, in an ideal case scenario, this id property should be dynamically fed to the form.

One thought on “PowerApps add a Display Form

  1. Hi ,you are connectng to a ProductTable ,but is it possible to connect to Office365users?
    I would like to show information about my AD in a FormDisplay but i don’w know how.


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