RegisterSod is not defined

I was going through the SharePoint App model and decided to publish a test app to get a feel of the deployment process. I was directly deploying the app through Visual Studio when suddenly the following error message was prompted:
RegisterSod is not defined


When I tried to browse the app from the Site Contents, I could clearly see that the default styling of the page was somehow distorted. Browser’s console window was displaying this message, “RegisterSod is not defined“.
RegisterSod is not defined


After investigating the issue a bit I realized, that for this to work, we need to have a root site collection in the  current web application i.e., where we’re supposed to deploy the app. For instance, I was deploying the app to the URL, dktp-piyush:48694/sites/pkDeveloperSite1 which was not a root site collection. When I checked, I found that actually, my web application didn’t had a root site collection. I then went ahead and created a root site collection. For those of you who do not know, root site collection is the one whose URL will be, / (forward slash).

Once, the root site collection was created, I just had to refresh the home page of my app and everything was back to normal. [No error in the Console] 😎
RegisterSod is not defined

As I said, it was just a test app, which apparently did nothing (except for printing the current user’s login name). So all this, was just to get to the, blank white page of my app! 😉

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