Get Aggregate Value of a SharePoint Field using CSOM [Totals function]

This post is about directly applying aggregations on a SharePoint List, without specifying any grouping condition. If you want to group SharePoint List data before applying aggregation then, refer to this post, SharePoint Group By.

I must admit that this turned out to be little tricky than what I had imagined. The situation was fairly simple. I had a SharePoint List. I had applied couple of Totals functions, Standard Deviation & Variance, on one of its Number field in two separate custom views. I just wanted to retrieve those values from client side. That’s it! My initial assessment was there must be some function/property that I can easily query from the client. As it seemed initially, there’s no direct way of doing that. Fine, just another day at the office for a SharePoint developer 😉

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The runtime should revert to the identity of the application pool, but reverting to the application pool must be explicitly enabled for the service application by a farm administrator

I was trying to change the Authentication Mode of one the External Content Types (BCS) to ‘BDC Identity’ through SharePoint Designer, when this error was thrown.


The solution was to set the revert to self option of the BCS service to true. To do that, run the following in the Management Shell.

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Error:: <nativehr>0x80070003</nativehr>

I received this error when I was trying to restore a SharePoint 2013 SiteCollection using the Restore-SPSite command. The backup, a .bak file, was created using the Backup-SPSite command in the management shell. Following is the screenshot of the error message:

After little bit of digging, I figured out that the database backup doesn’t seem to be compatible with my latest web application. The issue in fact, also occurred when I tried to restore the db within the same web application whose one of the SiteCollection was backed in the file!
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