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CSOM 5000+ items get error

I have this application, in CSOM, which used to get the entire ListItems of a SharePoint List at one go to perform certain operations. All was well and good, until, I exported a brand new SharePoint List from Excel. The List had around 5400 items (>5000). When I tried to fetch all of its items, in the same way, I received the following error:

The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator

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SharePoint ListItems Group By

SharePoint Grouped ListItems

In the above screenshot, I have applied a GroupBy setting on a SharePoint View. I needed the same exact values in my application through JSOM. However, all of the online examples, that I came across, were of retrieving all the ListItems of a SharePoint List. You can either retrieve all the items at once or in batches, but there seems to be no provision of applying grouping or aggregation on the ListItems through code!

Somehow, I wasn’t convinced of this and was vehemently against this idea of pulling all the data on client-side first, thereafter applying grouping and aggregations.

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403 Forbidden Error while calling GetWebPartPage SharePoint Online


I had this code, https://realmpksharepoint.wordpress.com/2014/04/07/get-webpart-page-of-a-sharepoint-site-using-web-services-c/ which I was using to download the html content of a SharePoint page along with all the web parts. The importance of this method is that it eliminates the external file references, so in the response, you will get the schema of all the web parts of that page only.


The code was working fine until recently, when it suddenly stopped working and I started to receive the error, 403 Forbidden.

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